About Me

This is not a travel blog…

… of the ordinary kind, that is. It is not a new-place-per-post site and it is not a blog full of motivating quotes to urge you to go traveling (although they both may occur from time to time, because, you know – go travel, it’s the best!). This is a nomad’s diaries in a half-literal sense, since it contains all sorts of random thoughts and observations related to my experiences of my current home, Mexico City, and other travels that I have done and will do.

So, thanks for stopping by! My name is Tove Melin and it is me that you are following when reading this blog. One of the main goals here is not to fall into stereotypes and just look at the surface of the places I go. I find it way more interesting to challenge both what I see, and who I am in that context. You can expect posts containing all from travel photos to recipes, social and political discussions, and general day-to-day observations from one of the world’s biggest cities.


So who am I? I am a 27-year-old Swedish girl who’s still wondering where I will end up in the world, or if I will “end up” anywhere at all. I still think girl is the most adequate word to use here, woman sounds so mature and “ready” somehow. I’m still exploring. I am about to finish my Master’s in Rural Territorial Development (Desarrollo Rural Territorial) that I did in Costa Rica, and looking forward to embarking on a new journey now after so many years of living by the school bench. Gender and development are my core social interests and something that I frequently come back to.

I started my journeys around 10 years ago on a student exchange to Austria, where I not only got the first taste of the nomad’s life, but I also made amazing friends from all over the world. This first step out into the world made me crave more, and since then I have been traveling to different places around the world, under different circumstances. The last three years I have spent in Latin America, as a result of a sequence of happenings. I went to Costa Rica to do an internship for 6 months, but found a master’s program and decided to stay on to study. Visa problems obliged me to go abroad every three months, and I visited Mexico most of the times that I left the country, and finally decided that I wanted to do my thesis in the south of the country, and then move on to live in Mexico City. Which is where I am now. 2016 has been one heck of an eventful year, and I’m looking forward to the next one not being one bit less exciting, but maybe under somewhat more controlled circumstances.

Apart from my travel interest and my social dedication I am also a dedicated hobby chef and a real foodie. I confess to uploading pictures both of food I made and things I eat in restaurants. I completely concur with the Japanese when they say that you eat with all senses, and since I’m a sentimentalist, I like to preserve what’s beautiful – even if it is with an iPhone.


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