Changes and the beginning

“Hello World”, as WordPress so neatly puts it out for you in the pre-made draft they publish for you. And truly, there are few things that feel so accurate as saluting the world when you sit down before your first post in a new blog. Who am I writing for? What will this become? It’s all an open space. But as distressing as this might sound, it’s actually pretty awesome. So I’ll take this moment to enjoy my cluelessness. A fresh start.

Some of you might know that I have previously written on other blogs. They have all been like public diaries to me, highly personal (maybe a little more personal than they should have been, but I like sharing my thoughts) and maybe not always very focused. This blog, as the name gives away, will also be a way for you to follow me on my emotional and physical journeys, but there are a few differences. First of all, I will try to keep a little more focused on the world out there, and not quite as much on the world in here (inside of me, that is). Second, since I am also writing for a travel website called Travelicious there will also be the occasional summary and linking to my articles there on this blog. Third, and most importantly, since I am now more or less out of this whole thesis business, I will actually make an effort to write regularly. I know it’s a little early to make promises for 2017, but you might consider it a preemptive mid-November promise in order to actually keep it for next year.

All in all I find that this is a good moment to start a new blog. These last weeks have been crazy. I lost a roomie and then the whole apartment (don’t worry, it was sold, I wasn’t kicked out). I found a new apartment that seems super nice, but I’m more than a little bummed to have to move again, since this now makes it the 6th time in a year. I might just stop unpacking, living out of the suitcase seems to be my destiny. But on the other hand, I got two jobs last week which means I am now officially on my way out of my 7-year-long student misery, AND I am THISSSS close to handing in the final, final draft of my thesis and really I’m just waiting for the last comments now. I’ll tell you this though: if you ever considered doing a master’s, do not. Writing a 300-page thesis with two people thoroughly scrutinizing it is a life project and they don’t even pay you for it.

So there it is. In a few weeks time my life will be very different from now, and I am pretty confident it will be more stable. You can travel in many different ways, and I think what I need to do right now is to stop flying-bussing-driving from place to place for a while. Explore this amazing city that I am living in. Try all the tacos on my street. Hang out with friends at random hours of the day. The simple and yet awesome stuff. Change is definitely positive, or can at least lead to positive outcomes. I think I’ve had my share of changes over the last months, but right now I feel like they’re really cooking down to a whole new beginning. I’ll make damn sure to make use of it.

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